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Social media, smartphones, tablet pcs -- the software and hardware of the new, connected generation.  Our powerful communication devices coupled with the power of social media to increase our connectedness are changing our world almost overnight.

My name is Dave Dockery -- I just go by Doc, and I consult with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to help them understand and utilize the changing world of technology to stay healthy and viable.  I have been teaching Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for years, generally for seniors... helping them to cross the digital divide.

I am good at reducing the complexity of technical subjects into seminars that can be readily learned by those seeking to understand.


I am frequently asked to speak in the Tampa Bay area on a variety of both technical and non-technical subjects.  Here are some of my most asked for speeches/seminars:

Social Media Boot Camp

Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of social media applications, which provide the basic functionality necessary to raising your social media profile.

Windows Essentials

While Windows is on its way out, if you are one of the ones that are going to be using it for a while, I strongly encourage you to learn to use it properly.  This seminar does NOT try to be comprehensive.  I teach the core skills that you MUST know to use Windows competently.

Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

This seminar shows the techniques necessary to make your page better suited to generating income.

The Greatest Subterfuge of D-Day

Not exactly a technical subject.  I love this story of how a double agent of the Allies was able to dramatically
affect the outcome of the Normandy Invasion.  Better than any spy novel you've ever read, and it's true.


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